Get Going: Tips for a speedy audio post workflow


Deadlines are an integral part of the film industry. We need to be creative, make smart choices, manage efficiently and make the client happy while making ourselves happy, all in that span of time that we get starting from when we receive the project to the day we deliver. That time is never enough for us to keep refining and polishing our work, but we can ensure we make some workflow tweaks so we save time not doing repetitive or preliminary technical tasks that could otherwise be automated. Continue reading


Learn to Listen, Listen to Learn


Being in the business of sound, we’re expected to develop a critical listening ability which is crucial to figure out issues or solve problems and focuses more on the ‘how’. Beyond this, we need to be patient and open our mind to the plethora of knowledge and material around us. Considering the fact that we spend most of our time listening, we should be good listeners! Going beyond the technicalities, we now need to delve in the emotional and start developing our analytical listening skills and concentrate on the ‘why’ aspect.
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Creating Emotions with Sound


Sound has long been a tool to convey emotion, be it in theatre or cinema. Now with the advent of video games and super powerful consoles {PS4 FTW!}, games have so much more content. For games like Call of Duty, the background scores last for as long as 50 hours+ and there are endless effects and backgrounds that keep on evolving and are very dynamic throughout the game. Sound has come about to become an equal part of media making, forming half of the storytelling process. Continue reading